So Many People Have Died Today

Every day I read posts of one or more people overdosing and dying from drugs. No exaggeration. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for their mothers and fathers and sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and wives. I can only pray that everyone suffering in one form or another may find a light of hope somewhere underneath the darkness.

So many people have died today

From the morning to the night

The mourning comes as it takes away

The sorrow spreads like wild fire

But what will come of this fate

Where warnings rest in sight

Better late than never

But many failed to see the light

What will come of their kin

The ones they leave behind

In honor surely we must

Hold our head up high

For death comes and leaves a wake

We have a duty unto life

But what will come from their own ends

I don’t believe it’s all for naught

For the knots of sorrow buckle down

The spiral before it falls

The wake of ghosts surely remind

The one who rests in sight

So many people have died today

But their spirits have not expired

Thank you for your service

In raising the call to arms

I don’t want to ask this question

But I do it anyways

Will tomorrow’s wall be full of death

Or will it be full of life?


P.S. It’s time to climb the ladder.

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